Gaffer Docs

File Formats Overview

Gaffer uses its own data file formats. Game engines often employ custom file formats which are optimized for the engine. In the case of the Gaffer formats, there are two categories, binary and yaml files.

Binary Formats

The binary formats within Gaffer are optimized for size and OpenGL loading. This is to say, once the files of these formats are loaded into memory, there is no modification or processing necessary before loading into the graphics card. This design descision was born out of the fact that Gaffer is an OpenGL only library, and thus, OpenGL requirements should be prioritized.

Binary formats include:

YAML Formats

Several file types used by Gaffer call for a text based markup language. YAML was chosen for its ease of parsing and clear readability. A simple text editor can be used by an author to create or modify these files.

YAML formats include: